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Community Centre

27 Chelsea Street × Miramar × 388 1944


Community Events

Come along and get involved in your community

Calling all community ideas! 

Do you have an idea that would support, engage, or connect our community? We’d like to help you make it happen!

Do you have a skill you would like to teach to others? Do you have an interest in an activity you would like to share with others? Do you see a community need you would like to support?

We want to empower you to make your ideas for our community become reality. We can help you with a venue, marketing, project management, and in some cases we may even be able to assist with some seed funding to get your idea off the ground!

Here are some initiatives we are either working on or would like to develop in the future. If you have skills, support or just interest and attendance to offer, get in touch!

  • Miramar Peninsula Community Market

  • Mental health support

  • Fruit tree Guardian program & Growing & caring for our Community Garden

  • Community Newsletter/zine

  • Te reo conversation group for Mahuru Māori

  • More youth involvement

  • More events and involvement for seniors

Get in touch with Saskia, our Community Activator




A little bit of what’s going on at the Community Centre

Faith-based groups

Celebrating your faith with your community


Hall Hire options

The hall is available for use for community events, community activities, and for private functions. Contact the centre to discuss availability and rates. We are a member of Timebank so can offer hirage for time credits. 388 1944 grant@mmcc.org.nz


Get involved 



Wellington is at risk of a significant earthquake, similar to the one that shaped our city in 1855. Earthquakes in coastal areas can also cause tsunami and much of the Miramar area could be affected. If you feel a long or strong earthquake immediately get to higher ground. Tune into local radio to find out when Civil Defence announce that it is safe to return to the evacuation areas.


After a big earthquake, or other significant emergency people will want to come together to help each other, share their experiences, and be around other people. The community centre is a place for our community to gather to work together as a community to address the challenges emergency has created. Work together to help those in need. The Community Emergency Hub is Community-driven, initially there will probably not be any support from the emergency services, council or Civil Defence. Remember the community centre is in a tsunami evacuation area so make sure the all clear has been given and get back to higher ground after every long or strong shake. The nearest safe place from the centre is up the steps at the end of Miramar Avenue.


Community Support services

We also support our community members to access other local services


SAlvation Army

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Citizens Advice BUREAU - C.A.B.

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Community Law

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